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Get Rid of Bedbugs Now

Metro Pest Control uses a four-step plan for the elimination of bedbugs. In fact, we established many of the protocols used to exterminate bed bugs, in use today by the pest control industry.

Bedbug Inspection

A thorough inspection of your home is performed. Bedbugs hide in mattresses, clothing, carpet, furniture, baseboards, picture frames, and many other places. Our experience with thousands of successful bedbug exterminations is crucial in the inspection process.



Bedbug Preparation Process

Bedbug extermination is a detailed process and thorough preparation is critical to a successful outcome. Your entire home or apartment must be thoroughly vacuumed. All of your bedding and clothing will need to be washed in hot water, dry cleaned, or thrown out. All of your furniture, shoes, cabinets, and more will require thorough vacuuming as well.

After being cleaned and or vacuumed, all items must be sealed in double plastic bags to prevent further infestation. Many of our clients rely on our meticulous bedbug preparation process but some choose to do it themselves.




Treatment Process

If you live in an apartment building, all perimeter walls will be treated, creating a chemical barrier that prevents the infestation from spreading. We use insecticides and special growth inhibitors that destroy all eggs, stop reproduction and kill any bedbugs. Virtually all of your furnishings, closets, baseboards, crevices and more, throughout your apartment or home, will be thoroughly treated, and follow-up service is provided to ensure a successful outcome.


Structural Modification

We will recommend structural changes that may be necessary to inhibit re-infestation. Such modifications may include sealing moldings, cracks in walls, baseboards, window frames, and other areas that may allow bedbugs to pass.

About Bedbugs

Almost anywhere people live can be infested by bedbugs.

Bedbugs feed mostly at night while you are sleeping. They hide in mattresses, blankets, furniture etc…usually in close proximity to their food source which could be people or their pets.

Bedbugs were very common a hundred years ago but disappeared for several decades. Over the past two decades, bedbugs have made a comeback. There is much speculation over the reasons for this resurgence. The bottom line is if you have a bedbug infestation you need an expert bedbug exterminator fast.