There's one thing that all homeowners can agree on: termites are the most destructive insects to a home. And here's how to prevent termites from causing harm to your home. While they pose no threat to humans, they can cause considerably more damage to your home. These stealthy destroyers may nibble through the wood until it's gone, causing billions in property damage. Given the potentially fatal consequences of a termite infestation, a guide on how to get rid of termites at home is provided below. You can also book termite removal services.


Termites have a lot of fascinating facts:

  • Termites are as old as cockroaches and have existed since the time of the dinosaurs!
  • Soldier and worker termites do not have the ability to see. It doesn't matter, though, because they already live and work in the dark.
  • The termite queen has the ability to lay up to 30,000 eggs every day.
  • They don't pick up after themselves after eating. You've been infiltrated if you find flecks of sawdust around wooden goods or wood flooring.
  • Termites work just as hard as ants. The majority of them don't sleep and prefer to labor 24 hours a day to obtain food and defend the colony.


Termite infestation symptoms

You need to take quick action once you see any symptoms. Check for termites on a regular basis and see whether your home has been infested.

  1. Mud tubes
    Examine your house's foundations, particularly the wall borders and posts. If you locate mud tubes, you most likely have a termite infestation. Mud tubes, for those unfamiliar, are narrow brown tracks comprised of dirt or mud that run along flat surfaces. It's been used as a crawl space and as a barrier against light and ants.
  2. Wood damage
    When tapped, the wood may appear to be decayed or sound hollow, indicating that it has been damaged. To see if the timber in and around your home is hollow, tap it. If it is, or if the wood on the outside is obviously damaged, your home is most certainly infested with termites.
  3. Droppings
    Drywood termites are eating the structures of your home, as evidenced by termite droppings in and around your home. These droppings will most certainly be discovered near termite-eroded wood.

Getting Rid

It's time to get rid of termites once you've determined that you have them. It should be emphasized that hiring a professional is always recommended before taking action. Here are several natural (and non-toxic) ways to get rid of termites for people who don't want to go to the extreme (yet).

1. Allow affected wooden furniture to be exposed to Sunshine
Termites can eat anything made of wood, hence anything made of wood is vulnerable. If you have termite-damaged wooden furniture, we recommend bringing it outside and exposing it to the sun (on a sunny day). They will perish as a result of the sun's heat and light.

2. Spray the infected area with a vinegar solution
It's not only good for cleaning home items, but it's also good for destroying pests like termites. Here's everything you'll need: half a cup of vinegar and two lemons' juice combine the ingredients in a spray bottle and spritz questionable spots. The acidic quality of the solution will destroy any termites that come into touch with it.

Termite infestation is a problem that requires immediate action and thorough investigation. At this point, you may require the services of a specialist to assist you in promptly resolving the issue. The greatest services in the country are provided by Metro Pest Control. Our products are extremely safe and environmentally friendly. In the Queens area, we are the greatest termite removal company.