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Metro Pest Control uses several termite extermination solutions to safely and efficiently resolve your termite infestation. A thorough termite inspection by an experienced termite exterminator professional is necessary in order to determine the best solution. Knowledge of the type of structure we are treating and your level of infestation will determine whether or not we use liquid termite barriers, in-ground termite baits, or foam applications. In many instances, we recommend structural modifications to eliminate termites and prevent future infestations. Several factors, such as soil conditions and the type of construction determine which methods of treatment are best.

Termites In New York City

There are about 4,000 different species of termites. All insects, including termites, are an important part of our ecosystem. However, termites cause millions of dollars in structural damage every year which makes them economically significant and a threat to your home. Termites live in social communities that may number in the hundreds of thousands. They have the ability to quickly cause significant damage to your property. If you suspect that you have termites you should call us right away. 

What Do Termites Look Like?

Termites are small insects with straight, beadlike antennas. They have two pairs of long wings, which are held flat against their bodies and which can break easily.

How Do Termites Spread?

Termites have the ability to spread very quickly. A queen termite is capable of producing roughly 1,000 eggs per day by the age of four. Termites enter buildings through openings in the structure of your property. Such openings could be cracks, mud tubes, or spaces around plumbing and electrical openings.

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