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Bed Bug Preparation In Queens, New York

Since 1977, Metro Pest Control has been a pest control industry leader in establishing bed bug preparation protocols for bed bug exterminators.

Very few people searching for a bed bug exterminator in Queens or anywhere in New York, realize the importance of the bed bug preparation process in achieving a successful bed bug removal outcome.  As the phrase suggests, bed bug preparation is a detailed protocol that must be followed prior to an actual professional bed bug treatment.  The bed bug preparation process, when carefully implemented, allows our bedbug exterminators to effectively treat all bed bugs present in your home, apartment, or business. The importance of an effective bed bug prep can not be overstated. In fact, successful bed bug removal is dependent upon proper preparation. It is wise to hire a professional bed bug preparation team to perform this very important and labor-intensive process. Metro Pest Control offers both professional bed bug preparation service and bed bug removal treatment. Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that our licensed professional bed bug prep team and bed bug exterminators will ensure a successful outcome. Here is an outline of the Bed Bug Preparation Process:

  1. Bed Bug Inspection- A thorough inspection of your premises is performed by an experienced bed bug inspector to determine if you have bed bugs and if so the level of bed bug infestation.
  2. The entire premise is thoroughly vacuumed with a specialized vacuum cleaner. Bedbugs hide in shoes, clothing, bedding, furniture, picture frames, and more. All of these items need to be inspected, cleaned, and treated.
  3. All bedding and clothing need to be thrown out or washed in hot water and double-sealed in bags to prevent re-infestation.

Once this meticulous bed bug preparation process is completed your premises are ready for the bed bug exterminator team to apply the pre-determined bed bug removal solution.

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