Mice are, no doubt, a menace to your family, home, and property. It is very important to remove rodents from your home or business. Mice are known to cause illnesses and spread disease. They create an unsanitary environment that will attract other pests as well. Many victims of mouse infestations are surprised at how much damage they can do. They have sharp teeth and will chew on almost anything, your wiring included. If you own a business the presence of mice will certainly keep customers away, maybe forever.

Here are some methods through which you can get rid of mice effectively: 

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  1. Eliminate the entry points– Rodent proofing your home is one efficient way to eliminate the entry points for mice. Mice can squeeze themselves inside through the smallest of openings. This makes it difficult for the average person to identify their points of entry and exit. An experienced rodent exterminator will identify your vulnerable spots and recommend any structural changes that may be necessary. 
  2. Mousetraps and baits– Mousetraps and baits are the most common techniques for getting rid of mice. Professional exterminators use their understanding of mouse habits to strategically place these traps and baits in the optimal position for success. The health and safety of humans and pets are always the top priority when implementing a solution. Do not underestimate the dangers of mice infestations.
  3. Proper placement– Traps and baits may be harmful to people and their pets. This is the most important consideration before implementing any pest control solution. Experienced rodent exterminators have an in-depth knowledge of their habits. They use this knowledge to effectively deploy their traps. This process ensures the fastest and safest resolution to the mouse infestation.
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  5. Bait stations– These are basically sealed packages that contain meal or pellets. They usually come in plastic, cellophane wrapping, allowing the mice to get fresh bait. Mice will feed on these baits and then die. These baits are another effective solution for getting rid of mice. As with the traps, considering the health of people and pets is the top priority.
  6. Avoid poor sanitation– It’s not true that good sanitation will get rid of mice, but it is definitely true that poor sanitation will attract them. Keep your surroundings clean. Make sure your floors, furniture, and kitchen counters are free of crumbs, grease, and any other food residue. Store food in glass containers and secure your garbage before throwing it away. Mice can chew through almost anything, so indoor garbage containers should be sealed properly. If you can take away their source of food you will make your home less desirable for mice and other pests.

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