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Metro Pest Control is one of the largest family-owned pest control services in and around Brooklyn. We have been providing cutting-edge pest control services in Brooklyn since 1977. From us, you can expect safe and effective pest control solutions for businesses and homeowners in Brooklyn and the surrounding areas.

With a legacy of years, we are very familiar with the pest control infestations common to Brooklyn. It's very likely that we have successfully resolved hundreds of bug infestations just like yours. We have thousands of happy customers, ready to share their feedback with you. If you are searching for a local exterminator, Metro Pest Control checks all of the boxes, licensed and insured, experienced, and reputable. 

Give us a call at 718-803-0000 and we will give you a free estimate right on the phone. Our seasoned team of professional exterminators is ready to quickly resolve your pest or animal control issues. Whether your house is invaded by cockroaches, ants, rodents, bedbugs, raccoons, squirrels, or opossums we have just the right solution for you.

Ant Exterminator In Brooklyn

Ants are social insects and they consume the same food that you do and also food that you don't. Even though they do not carry any disease, they are notorious for contaminating your food. Along with the unhygienic problems that take place with their presence, they may also be difficult to get rid of. There are some home treatments available, but those will relieve the problem temporarily. For permanent solutions, you need to call a licensed exterminator like Metro Pest Control.

As one of the leading ant exterminators in Brooklyn, we specialize in offering efficient services at affordable rates. We hire only the best experts and qualified technicians to perform our services. Each one is able to classify the species infesting the premise or your house and then determine the right form of insecticide to get rid of them permanently. It is crucial to a successful outcome that we identify where the ant's nest is and then have the ability to deliver our treatment to the colony. This is where home treatments fail as well as less experienced pest control companies.

We will not just get rid of ants but will prevent them from returning as well. Different ant species will have different colony systems. So, it is vital to identify the ant species before starting the extermination process. Our team will create a customized plan, tailored to match your household needs. Our treatments are both safe and effective!

Bedbugs Removal Service In Brooklyn

We, at Metro Pest Control, have established a four-step plan to remove bedbugs from your home, apartment, or business. Some of these protocols for exterminating bed bugs are widely used in the pest control industry today.

We begin with a thorough inspection of your home. Bedbugs have a tendency to hide inside mattresses, carpets, furniture, and more. They often hide in close proximity to their host on whom they feed. Understanding the habits of bedbugs allows us to quickly pinpoint their location and deliver the necessary treatment for a successful bed bug extermination.

All of your drawers will need to be emptied and their contents removed. You will need to remove all of your clothing and bedding and wash them in hot water. When completed all of these items need to be placed into double plastic bags and sealed so as to prevent re-infestation. We will vacuum your entire house with a powerful machine paying close attention to furniture as well as nooks and crannies where bed bugs might hide.

Next, we will start with the treatment process. We use specialized insecticides and special growth inhibitors that destroy all eggs, kill bedbugs and stop reproduction.

Finally, we will recommend structural changes to inhibit re-infestation. These modifications may include sealing cracks in walls, baseboards, moldings, window frames, and more, which will prevent bedbugs from passing through.

Termite Removal Service In Brooklyn

Want to get rid of termites? I'm guessing that the answer is yes. Getting rid of termites in Brooklyn or anywhere else you may live is very important. Termites can be incredibly destructive. Each year termites cause millions of dollars in damage to homes in the United States. Once you realize you have termites the speed at which you get rid of them could be the difference in paying tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. There in no pest control company in Brooklyn more qualified to get rid of your termite infestation than Metro Pest Control.

 We employ several tried and true methods to locate and eliminate your termite infestation quickly and affordably. A thorough inspection by our termite exterminator expert will identify first that you do indeed have termites and if so where they are active. Our technicians may be using liquid termite barriers, foam applications, in-ground termite baits, and possibly recommend structural modifications to eliminate termites and prevent further infestations. Multiple factors like construction type and soil conditions will determine the right treatment method for us to follow.

We know that there are about 4000 species of termites. They are economically significant and will cause structural damage if left unchecked. They have the power to spread quickly as the queen can produce as many as 1000 eggs every day. Termites will enter your buildings through mud tubes, cracks, or spaces around electrical openings and plumbing.

All of the methods we employ are both safe and effective. Our mission is not to just get rid of your termite infestation but to prevent them from returning as well. 


Roaches Removal Services In Brooklyn

Are you suffering from roach infestation? Roaches have survived for millions of years and if you've seen one in your home chances are there an army more that are unseen. Whether you are suffering from a roach infestation in your business or home, you should consider calling the best roach exterminators in Brooklyn at Metro Pest Control.

We are well-equipped to resolve all levels of roach infestation. No matter where you live in Brooklyn, our services are just a call away. Whether you own a private home, commercial property, or an apartment, our services have been proven effective and safe for cockroach infestation and harmful pests.

Our expert team of exterminators will customize a plan for your unique circumstances to eliminate all cockroaches. Some of the techniques we may be using are a combination of dust, sprays, baits, and traps. We have proven comments and reviews of how our solutions have worked for so many people. 

There are many different species of roaches in Brooklyn and the German cockroaches are the most common. They are nocturnal insects and pretty sensitive to light. They love to nestle in darker secluded areas of your apartment, home, or business. They survive by eating crumbs, garbage, and food on dirty dishes or really just about anything.

For your part, you can try maintaining a clean environment that would not attract roaches or any other pests. Roaches reproduce very quickly therefore you should call a licensed professional exterminator like Metro Pest Control. A full-blown roach infestation can be more costly to resolve.

Call us right away for a free phone estimate on your roach removal service. We will provide you with the safest and most effective treatment and preventive measures. We will not only get rid of your roaches, but we will also prevent them from coming back as well.

Rodent Removal Services In Brooklyn

Rodents of all kinds are thriving in Brooklyn. If you have mice or rats in your home it can be both frightening and dangerous to your family's health and your pets as well. They carry so many diseases, some of which are even proven to be deadly. Rodents are compulsive gnawers on wood and wiring that could cause structural damage or even a fire. Mice and rats will find your stored food and consume what they can while contaminating the rest. The droppings they produce create an unsanitary environment that will may not only make you sick but attracts other pests as well. Do you hear scratching in your walls or ceiling?  If so, you need to call the rodent exterminator team at Metro Pest Control.

We will perform a thorough inspection first of your home or business. Our expert technician will look for points of entry that might allow rodents to enter your premises, like walls, garages, ceilings, pipe openings, and more. Some rodents will enter your business through small openings the size of a dime.  Those openings should be sealed to keep rodents and other pests from entering.  Furthermore, we will suggest you inspect all food and water sources for contamination.

Our rodent removal procedure will be structured depending on the current level of infestation, the building construction, and the available space we can access. Understanding the rodent's habits help us to quickly identify where they are nesting and the optimal position of our traps and baits.

Just give us a call first and book the earliest appointment you can get. We are ready to serve you.

Bees And Wasp Removal Services In Brooklyn

Bees, hornets, yellow jackets, and wasps are capable of delivering a painful sting. If you are allergic to their venom then getting stung may be life-threatening. Early in the spring, we may observe stinging insects on our property looking for a place to build a hive or nest. This may be places like your attic, garage, soffits, awnings, under decks, and more. Once a hive is established it will continue to grow rapidly and many species of bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets will aggressively defend their hives. Because of the danger stinging insects pose to your family and pets, you should always seek the help of a professional pest control company like Metro Pest Control.

We offer a safe and effective way to help remove wasp nests and beehives without disturbing your peace. So, stay away from the stinging insects and give us a call at 718-803-0000 right away!

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