A cockroach is among the most common pests in many households, infesting homes and apartments. They create an unsanitary environment that may have a negative impact on our health. They may contaminate food, kitchen utensils, and other household items. As cockroaches move freely from filthy places to our food, they transfer pathogenic microbes that cause food poisoning and other illnesses.  

How Do Cockroaches Get in The House?

Cockroaches produce allergens that may cause watery eyes, congestion, sneezing, asthma troubles, recurrent cough, etc. They enter the building or homes through:

  • Grocery bags

  • Furniture

  • Cartons

  • Gaps through Windows

  • Utility opening

  • Firewood

Eliminate Cockroach Hiding Spots in the Home

  • Eliminate Food Sources

  • Eliminate Water Sources

  • Harborage Elimination

Cockroach Elimination Techniques

They can be best controlled using a combination of pest control techniques. Cleanliness is considered a primary and important step in preventing and correcting cockroach related problems. All surfaces should be cleaned, loose food should be stored in tight-fitting containers, garbage should not be accumulated, and stacks of cardboard, paper bags, and newspapers should be promptly removed. Other effective methods used are:

  • Insecticide Treatment:

    Although good housekeeping is helpful, insecticides are usually effective in eliminating infestations. Emphasis should be on finding and treating harbourage locations, rather than randomly spraying the surfaces. It is vital to treat the infected areas with insecticide for efficient results. Types of insecticides used are:  
    • Sprays

    • Dusts

    • Baits

  • Calling a professional:

    Initially, most homeowners wish to deal with the infestation on their own using several methods. But when they see no difference or the infestation is getting worse, they typically call a professional. Pest control companies approach cockroach controls in different ways. Some perform a limited number of treatments with the option of canceling after the infestation is eliminated. Many others require the customers to purchase a full year of general pest control service for ants, spiders, etc., regardless of how long it takes to eliminate the problem.

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