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Pest control service Nassau County

Insects play an important role in our ecology. However, there are times when they invade our environment that it becomes necessary for your health and safety to have them removed. They need timely and professional intervention from trusted, licensed, and well-equipped pest exterminators. Metro Pest Control is a leading name when it comes to pest removal, animal trapping, and exterminator services in Nassau County.

We are a pioneer in the field of pest control services in Nassau County. Our team of pest control experts and professionals are known for their efficient and effective pest control solutions and methods. Each of our professionals applies the best and safest methods to eradicate the presence of most pests found in Nassau County. They also apply techniques and make recommendations to prevent their re-infestation. 

Metro Pest Control is an experienced pest control company providing quality and affordable exterminator and animal removal services in Nassau County since 1977. Striving to deliver the best standards of service and customer care, we, along with our workers and employees, offer structured solutions and treatments for successful pest eradication from your properties. As a trusted and renowned organization, we believe in strong work ethics, high standards of service, and long-lasting solutions. We have years of experience and knowledge behind us and aim to provide effective pest control solutions, methods, and techniques.  

We respond to various types of pest emergencies and apply stringent and effective techniques for the removal and control of their infestation in a prompt and diligent manner. Our company offers a comprehensive range of pest services while maintaining the highest standards of health and safety. Call us today or fill out our service request form for fast and effective service. We provide free estimates for all pest control services.

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List of our Professional Pest control services in Nassau County

Metro Pest is a trusted company that offers top-rated pest extermination services in Nassau County with effective and long-lasting results. We are committed to our customers as well as the environment, and that is why we offer eco-friendly pest removal and control treatments for your home and business. We are an experienced and trusted name in Nassau County, providing efficient, high-quality, and long-lasting services to all. Our services include:

Bedbugs: Metro Pest Control is a top bed bug removal service provider in Nassau County, serving a great number of residential and commercial properties with our efficient services. We are a trusted pest exterminator, serving NYC and the surrounding areas, providing effective and efficient solutions, methods, and techniques for treating various types of pest infestation. Our experts are well-equipped, knowledgeable, and experienced when it comes to bed bug infestation and apply cutting-edge treatments to wipe out the growth of bed bugs and prevent their re-infestation. Our bedbug services include bedbug inspection, bedbug preparation, and various bedbug treatments. 

Roaches: If you have noticed signs of roach infestation in your home, then you need to contact professional pest control services for their eradication. Roaches can be identified by their unusual smell, dropping, or physical sightings in your household. They breed very fast and thus, need immediate attention and treatment. We are a specialist in treating roach infestations in Nassau County and apply innovative and effective techniques for their complete and long-lasting eradication.  

Bees & Wasps: Bees, wasps, and hornets are dangerous stinging insects and can cause direct as well as indirect damage to humans and pets. For successful eradication of these stinging insects, you need to contact professional pest removal service companies like Metro Pest Control. We are the best company for bee and wasp removal in Nassau County. Our team of stinging insect experts is professional, experienced, and certified in handling bee and wasp infestations and provides prompt and effective services in Nassau County, Queens, Brooklyn, NYC, and Westchester.

Rodents: Rodents can damage your home and your health as they are resilient creatures and carriers of various diseases. Rats and mice can be very destructive and can cause serious health risks while contaminating food supplies as well as storage and preparation areas. A trusted pest removal and exterminator company like Metro Pest Control can be of great help here. We are a leading name in rodent extermination and help you in the successful treatment of their infestation. Our experienced professionals and innovative techniques specialize in the removal of rodent infestations in the most efficient manner.   

Wildlife: Wildlife in our region that our animal removal service team most often encounters include raccoons, squirrels, and opossums. They are capable of causing immense damage to the structure of your home and property. They also harbor diseases and create an unsanitary environment to attract other pests as well. Metro Pest Control is an industry leader in humane wildlife removal services with efficient, effective, and long-lasting treatments and methods. Our experienced team of animal removal specialists uses their expertise in identifying the animal and understanding their habits. Humane traps are strategically placed to expedite the trapping process with precision. Over the next several days, the traps are monitored until the animals are successfully removed.

Termites: Metro Pest Control is an experienced termite exterminator in Nassau County. We create a customized plan to remove termites from your household, taking into consideration your structure and level of termite infestation. Our cutting-edge termite treatments are safe and effective. We may use liquid termite barriers, in-ground termite baits, foam applications, and structural modifications to eliminate termites and prevent future infestations. Several factors, such as soil conditions and the type of construction, determine which treatment methods are the best. Metro Pest Control performs a comprehensive inspection of your home and prescribes a customized treatment designed to help protect your home in an effective and efficient manner.

Ants: Ants are known to be social creatures and mostly enter our homes in search of warmth and food. They create a great risk of contaminating your food and carpenter ants may even damage your structure. Metro Pest Control is the best ant exterminator in Nassau County, specializing in providing cost-effective and efficient services to both residential and commercial properties. Qualified technicians and experts perform our services and we guarantee a successful outcome. Pest control for ants includes a thorough inspection to determine the right type of insecticide and bait to be used and where to apply it.

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