Rodents are one of the most common pests found in any household in New York. Studies prove that they are one of the most troublesome and thus economically important pests in New York. They live and thrive under a variety of conditions in and around homes and businesses. They consume the regular food meant for humans or pets, and in the process contaminate surfaces, which can cause food poisoning. Droppings and fresh gnawing marks may indicate their presence in your home or business. They also have a characteristic odor that identifies their presence. 

Facts About Mice

To prevent and control their infestation, it’s important to know some facts about them. Such as:

  • They are brown or grey rodents with large ears and small eyes
  • They have a keen sense of taste, hearing, smell, and touch
  • They are excellent climbers and can run up any vertical surfaces
  • They can jump up to 13 inches from the floor
  • A female may have five to 10 litters of usually five or six young each
  • The life span of a mouse is about nine to twelve months

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Prevention & Control

Effective and professional mouse prevention & control involves sanitization, mouse-proof construction, and population reduction. 

  • Sanitization: Mice tend to survive in very small areas with a limited amount of food and shelter. Poor sanitization always attracts and invites them in great numbers. One must pay particular attention to eliminate places where mice can find shelter. If they have few places to rest, hide or build nests and rear young, they cannot survive in large numbers.
  • Mouse proof construction: This is a successful and permanent solution of house mouse control. The steps include:
    • All places where food is stored, processed, or used should be made mouse-proof. 
    • Dried grain and meat products should be stored in glass jars, metal canisters, or other resalable airtight containers. 
    • Seal every opening, which is larger than ¼ inch.
    • Seal cracks and openings in buildings for water pipes, vents, and utilities with metal or concrete.
    • Doors, windows, and screens should be fit tightly.
  • Traps: Trapping is an effective control method. The various advantages of this method are:
    • It does not rely on inherently hazardous poisons
    • It permits the user to make sure that the mouse has been killed
    • It allows for disposal of the mouse carcasses

The various types of mouse traps are a wooden trap, bait trap, live trap, etc.

  • Poison Baits: Rodenticides are poisons to kill rodents. If there is a need to use them repeatedly, it is likely that sanitization and mouse-proofing should be improved. 
  • Sound & Electronic Devices: Mice are easily frightened by strange and unfamiliar noises. Ultrasonic sounds, to some extent, help in treating rodents, but they have their limitations, such as they cannot penetrate objects. Also, they lose their intensity quickly with distance. 
  • Control by Cats & Dogs: This is although not a very effective measure of house mouse control, it might help to some extend in some cases. 

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