Bee Exterminator in Queens County

Since 1977, Metro Pest Control has established a reputation as one of the top bee and wasp removal services in Queens County and the surrounding areas.

Every year stinging insects like bees, yellowjackets, wasps, and hornets, send about 500 thousand Americans to the emergency room. If you happen to be allergic to stinging insects, their painful sting can be fatal. Early in the spring bees search for places to build their nest or beehive. In late summer and early fall bees and other stinging insects are more active than usual, as they prepare for the cold winter months. If you discover a beehive on your property or observe bees flying into your roof or attic, you need to get a professional bee exterminator. Beehive removal can be very dangerous. Metro Pest Control employs a dedicated team of bee exterminators in Queens County. 

For fast, safe, and guaranteed bee removal in Queens County call the expert bee exterminators at Metro Pest Control.

Wasp Nest Removal in Queens County

Wasps are usually brown in color and not as aggressive as other stinging insects like bees and yellowjackets. They will deliver a painful sting if threatened especially if you disturb their nests. They are often referred to as paper wasps or umbrella wasps because of the paper-like material they use to build their nests and the wasp nests’ umbrella shape. Wasps that nest in the ground are referred to as mud daubers. Wasp nest removal is dangerous business and should be left to a professional wasp exterminator. If you need a reliable, licensed, wasp removal service, call the expert wasp exterminators in Queens County at Metro Pest Control.

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