Cockroaches are one of the most common insects found in homes, hotels, and restaurants. They are prone to spread disease to humans as they are carriers of nearly 33 different kinds of bacteria. Cockroaches have been around for millions of years, evolving into some of the most adaptable pests on Earth. Cockroaches are commonly found in buildings and homes because they prefer warm environments close to food and water. Unfortunately, cockroaches can also cause allergies and trigger asthma attacks, especially in children.


Prevention is the best way to control a cockroach infestation. One needs to take proactive measures to prevent the pests from getting inside in the first place. As they can squeeze through the smallest of cracks, home, and building owners can start by carefully sealing doors, windows, pipes, and drains.

Limit the supply of Food and water

A cockroach can not survive inside a house without food and water. Cockroaches aren’t fussy eaters and can eat pretty much anything, therefore they are likely to survive comfortably. It is interesting to know that they won’t colonize or lay eggs without a sustainable habitat. Thus, giving all the more reason to keep things tidy at all times. Seal all human and pet food in airtight containers. Regular cleaning of floors and counters will limit the possibility of pest infestation.

Cleaning the trash

Any areas of standing water can attract roaches. All the water bowls or any other sources should be emptied every evening, along with the fixing of any dripping faucets. Trash cans should be taken out daily to avoid the attraction of cockroaches.

Sprays and traps

People often use insecticide sprays for treating them directly or by applying them into cracks and crevices, where the cockroaches are suspected of living. But in most cases, they are not very effective once they dry-up. Be aware that families with pets or small children must be particularly cautious that nothing intended to kill the bugs is accessible to little hands or paws.

Professional services

It is often tough to eradicate entire roach colonies with home remedies or through prevention. In such cases, a professional insect exterminator may be the best option. Specially trained exterminators identify where cockroaches may be colonized, and have high-powered ways of killing them off. An exterminator might also use a series of sophisticated traps to ensure that the job is done.

People who live in multiple dwellings where roaches are more common, often pay for regular extermination services or at least consult a professional for inspection on a monthly or semi-annual basis. People who live or work in old buildings do the same. Getting an outside expert to look out for signs that roaches are getting in is often a lot better than waiting until they’ve set up residence.

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