Raccoons are once again in the news. The MTA recently reported an uptick in raccoon sightings on subway platforms and in subway tunnels. These incredibly adaptive critters have invaded the subway tunnels and may greet you in the evening or early morning on a subway platform. Our humane raccoon trappers have been busier than ever this year removing raccoons, squirrels, and opossums from residential and commercial properties all over new york city. If you hear noises in your walls or ceilings you may have an uninvited guest. Call Metro Pest Control and our humane wildlife removal team will quickly identify and remove the animal or animals from your property. If you think there is an animal in or on your property it is important to act quickly. Many animals carry disease and can be harmful to your family, pets, and property. In many cases, animals seeking shelter are looking for a remote nesting area. Of course, this only multiplies the problem.