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Pest infestations are unwanted dwellings of creatures that strike at just the wrong time and create havoc in the normal living of a household. For all the homeowners and business owners having a hard time dealing with mice infestations, effective and well-curated pest control is the need of the hour. Don’t you worry, as Metro Pest Control has got you covered. We are here to help you eliminate these unwanted invaders and restore your peace of mind. We provide effective mice removal services in Brooklyn to protect you and your home from these unwanted elements now and in the future. 

Metro Pest Control is a trusted pest removal company in Brooklyn that employs effective and efficient prevention and elimination services in order to safely exterminate rats and mice from your space. We have a three-step plan for our rodent removal process.

The first step is Inspection

The professionals and mice removal experts at Metro Pest are trained on mice behaviour, which enables them in carrying out effective mice removal services in Brooklyn. We take pride in specializing in providing safe and effective mice control. We are a leading pest removal company that is dedicated in delivering safe and innovative pest control services for the residents of Brooklyn.    

We perform a thorough inspection of your home or business facility, carefully looking for any openings that may allow rodents to enter garages, walls, ceilings, pipe openings etc. Small rodents can enter your home or business through very small openings. These openings will need to be sealed to prevent future rodent infestations. All food and water sources need to be inspected for contamination and the presence of rodents.


Our rodent removal process is determined by the type of infestation you have. Depending on the number of rodents you have, what type of building you’re in and how much space you have, we will customize what type of service we use to get rid of your rodent problem in the most effective manner.

Once you contact us, our experienced specialists will determine the extent of rodent infestation and provide you with the best mice removal services at competitive prices. We are a specialized and trusted pest control service provider, providing complete eradication of mice infestations. Our experts offer able assistance in getting rid of every kind of mice infestation with the latest methods and technology.

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