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Termite Removal Service in Queens

Our Queens Termite Service

Termites are deadly creatures that can eat up the structure of the property and compromise the strength of your furniture. These are silent destroyers that chew through wood, flooring, wallpaper undetected. But now, you can protect your home and purge these pests with guaranteed and effective termite removal services of Metro Pest Control in Queens.    


We employ various effective termite removal techniques to quickly exterminate any termite infestation on your property. Our expert team of professionals starts with a detailed termite inspection, followed by efficient and long-lasting removal techniques. Our technicians consider the level of infestation, type of soil, structure, and many other factors to determine the most effective solution for termite infestation in your property.


Our termite removal solutions in Queens include liquid termite barriers, in-ground termite baits, foam applications, etc. These methods are proven to safely and quickly eliminate every type of termite infestation from your vicinity. When the successful termite extermination is thorough, we may recommend structural changes to prevent the termites from returning.

Are Termites Found In Queens?

With more than 4000 species of termites, they can be found all over the United States. They do not cause direct harm to humans; however, the damages can harm your finances, stress levels, and occupancy. As per sources, every year these destructive insects cause millions of dollars in structural damage to homes and businesses. Termites live in large social communities. 

What Does A Termite Look Like?

Known as silent destroyers, termites are creatures that jeopardize the structural strength of buildings or pieces of furniture. They live in large social groups called colonies. These termites are insects with a body segment and six legs. They also have wings, and all the wings are about the same length. A termite’s antennae come straight out of its head.


How Termite Infestation Escalate

Termite colonies have the ability to reproduce incredibly fast. A queen termite is capable of producing up to 1,000 eggs per day. Termites like dark and moist environments. They enter homes and buildings through cracks, vents, mud tubes, or spaces around pipes and electrical openings.

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