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Wildlife Animal Removal – Opossum, Raccoons & Squirrels in Nassau County

Metro Pest Control provides humane animal removal of opossums, squirrels, and raccoons in Nassau County. We start with a thorough inspection of your property and building, identifying potential sources of entry that need to be sealed. Our experienced team of humane animal removal specialists is expert at identifying the type of animal and is very familiar with their habits. We leverage this knowledge to strategically place our humane traps and expedite the trapping process. The traps are monitored for the next several days until the animal is successfully trapped.

Raccoon Removal In Nassau County

Raccoons are most active at night. Scavengers by nature, raccoons will eat almost anything. They are very smart and seek to nest in out-of-the-way places where they feel safe. Some of the common raccoon nesting places are under porches, attics, crawl spaces, and garages. If you see a raccoon on your property keep your distance. Raccoons can be aggressive and also harbor parasites and diseases. A raccoon is easily recognized by its signature black facemask, pointed snout, and striped tale. They may grow up to 2 feet in length and could deliver a painful bite.


Squirrel Removal In Nassau County

Squirrels are skilled climbers and their acrobatic skills make it easy for them to gain access to their desired structure, be it your residence or commercial property. Mostly active during the day they can be very destructive, commonly gnawing through wooden beams and wiring.

Squirrels are also very determined in their efforts to nest and escape from the cold by entering your attic or building.

Opossum Removal

Opossums are slow-moving marsupials that are mostly active at night. These nocturnal creatures will take shelter almost anywhere, including garbage cans, under porches, attics, and more. They will consume garbage, fruits, worms, grubs, and grains. Opossums are known for playing dead when frightened, an adaptation due to their lack of escape ability. They have a pointed nose, long pointed tails, and are approximately 15 to 20 inches in length. Opossums are armed with very sharp teeth that can deliver a painful bite that requires a doctor’s visit, as they can be hosts to many diseases, including rabies.


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