Wildlife Animal Removal & Control Services In Queens & Expert Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife creatures like raccoons, squirrels, and opossums are capable of causing significant damage to your property and surroundings. In addition, these animals may also harbor diseases, parasites, and can create an unsanitary environment to attract other pests as well. Therefore, complete and efficient eradication of these creatures is necessary. Metro Pest Control is a pest control industry leader in humane wildlife removal with efficient, effective, and long-lasting treatments.

Our technicians begin with a thorough inspection of your structure, identifying potential sources of entry and infestation. Our experienced team of animal removal specialists uses their expertise in identifying the animal and understanding their habits. Humane traps are strategically placed to expedite the trapping process with precision. Over the next several days, the traps are monitored until animals are successfully removed.

Squirrel Removal Services In Queens

Squirrels are prolific climbers and possess acrobatic skills that make them experts at gaining access to their desired structure, be it your home or commercial property. They are active during the day and can be very destructive, commonly gnawing through wooden beams and wiring. Squirrels are also very determined in their efforts to nest and escape from the cold by entering your attic or building.

Rodent Removal Services

Rodents are seen as critical pests, consuming or rendering inedible large quantities of food. As people and homes are reliable sources of food and shelter for these rodents, they are found in large numbers in households. They are complicated pests to control. The curiosity and inquisitiveness of rodents typically compel them to explore their surroundings. While exploring, they often cause damage to properties, structures, and food. Therefore, effective and efficient rodent control services are crucial to maintaining a healthy and safe environment.  

Metro Pest Control is the best pest exterminator in Queens, providing expert rodent removal services. We implement innovative and unique treatments in our efforts to resolve rodent infestations. We set traps and arrange inspection and collection to suit your requirements and convenience. Our professional rodent control services team knows where to look and how to ensure that traps and baits are safe from children and pets at home.   

Opossum Removal Services In Queens

Opossums typically invade a home or business on the lookout for food and shelter. The removal of these animals is essential for multiple reasons, including the danger of waste they leave behind, which is incredibly harmful to your health. Opossums are not the stealthiest of creatures but are very good climbers and conveniently look for openings in or under the home. As they invade the house through an opening, the best way to prevent them is to search for such openings in the house and seal them diligently. 

If an opossum or opossums have invaded your property it would be wise to call professional opossum trappers to have them removed. Metro Pest Control is a licensed animal removal service in Queens. Opossums are not typically aggressive but they are armed with sharp teeth that can deliver a painful bite if threatened. Any bite from these critters would require a doctor's visit as they harbor harmful bacteria. There are a lot of variables involved in humane opossum removal, and it’s important for experts with proper knowledge and techniques to removes these creatures quickly and safely. Metro Pest’s trained professionals ensure the problem is well taken care of. We humanely remove opossums and recommend the necessary structural changes that will prevent them from returning.

Why Choose Metropest for Wildlife Removal?

If you are a resident of Queens, NY, and are looking for the best humane wildlife control services in new york, you should call us. Our excellent reputation and experience in humane animal trapping are second to none. Some of the benefits that we provide are:

  • One-stop solution for a vast range of pest control and humane animal removal services
  • Professional and affordable pest control and animal removal services
  • Environment-friendly services and humane animal removal
  • Efficient and effective solutions to your pest problems
  • Since 1977, licensed and insured, at your service

Metro Pest Control provides effective wildlife control for your residential and commercial properties in Queens. We use the most cutting-edge technology for the effective and diligent treatment of numerous types of infestations. Call us today or fill out our quick online service request form. 


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