Our technique for ant removal in NYC:

Ants are very social insects that live in highly structured colonies. It can be difficult or impossible to reach the nesting place of your ant infestation using insecticide sprays. An effective solution to this problem is the use of insecticide baits. These baits may be in a granular or liquid form. Ants will collect the baits and bring them back to the nest thinking it is food. The ants will die off as they consume the insecticide baits. These nests are often unreachable with other pest control methods.

What does an ant colony consist of?

Ant colonies consist of one or more fertile females, known as the queens. The fertile males in the colony are known as drones. Ant colonies are highly structured environments. Worker ants gather food, build nests, and care for the young. Ants communicate with each other by releasing chemicals called pheromones. They use their highly sensitive antennae to detect the presence of these chemicals.

What ants look like:

Ants come in many different sizes depending on the species. The queen ants are the largest in the colony. Ants can be as small as one-sixteenth of an inch, or as big as two inches. Most ants are brownish red or black and have three distinct body sections, two antennae, and six legs.

How do ant colonies spread?

Because of their adaptability and organization, ant colonies are able to flourish almost anywhere. Queen ants and males are equipped with wings. They may fly away to establish a new colony.

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