Our Ant Exterminating Process

The most effective method of exterminating ants from your home or business is by placing insecticide baits in strategic areas. The ants will carry these baits back to their nests to be consumed by the colony. The type of bait we use will be determined by our expert team of ant exterminators upon inspection. Typically the baits we employ will be in powder or liquid form.

Typical Ant Colonies In Brooklyn

If you see an ant in your home there are probably many more that are unseen. Ants typically live in large social colonies. These colonies may contain one or several fertile female ants called queens. The fertile male ants are called drones. Ant colonies have a highly structured environment. Each ant has a role that benefits the colony. Ants produce a chemical known as pheromones that are used to communicate with one another. They use their antennae to interpret the message sent by the pheromones.

What do ants look like?

There are thousands of species of ants. Regardless of species, these ants share certain characteristics. They come in many different sizes from a tiny one-sixteenth of an inch to a gigantic two inches. In the Northeast, most ants are red or black. The body of an ant has three sections, six legs, and two antennae.

Where Can Ant Colonies Be Found?

Due to their ability to adapt and organizeThere are thousands of species of ants. Because of their adaptability and organization, ant colonies are able to flourish almost anywhere. Ants are very mobile, and will frequently move their colonies.

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