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Best Ant Removal Solution in Manhattan

Ant infestations in Manhattan may offer some unique pest control challenges. Numerous high-rise buildings and overpopulation create an environment where re-infestation can easily occur. Lucky for you that Metro Pest Controls’ team of Manhattan ant exterminators has over 40 years of experience providing effective ant exterminating solutions for our residential and commercial clients in New York City. One of the most effective pest control solutions for ant extermination in Manhattan is the strategic placement of insecticide baits. After inspecting the premises our pest control team will determine which bait will be most effective. Ants treat the baits like food and carry the insecticide deep into their nesting area. These nests are often unreachable using sprays or any other method. When the bait is consumed the ants will die off.

Ant Colony Structure

Ants are social insects often living in large colonies with many thousands of inhabitants. Each colony has fertile female ants called queens and fertile male ants called drones. Ants are very organized and each individual has a job to do for the good of the colony. These jobs could range from finding food, digging tunnels, breeding, and more. They can communicate with each other through the production of chemicals called pheromones. Ants use their highly sensitive antennae to detect the presence of pheromones.

What ants look like:

There are thousands of different species of ants ranging in size from about one-sixteenth of an inch to as much as two inches long. The body of an ant has three distinct sections, six legs, and two antennae.

Where are ants found?

Ants can be found in almost every environment. Their unique ability to work together for the common good enables them to flourish where other insects can not. Because of this, they are one of the most frequent pest control services we perform. They will move their colonies with ease when conditions dictate.

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